Marlisa Clapp, Art Director
and Owner of MCD Studios.

Award won for the design
and printing of “Illuminations:
The History of the Boston Gas Company.”

is a visual communications studio. For over seventeen years, it has produced high-impact conceptual design solutions for a diverse clientele including Fortune 500 companies, universities, and medical, publishing, and nonprofit organizations.

The Studios' areas of strength and experience are identity development, Web site creation, multimedia, book, and collateral and advertising materials. In addition, a strong working client relationship and comprehensive project management are cornerstones of each project.

A well-designed message is essential to business. The scope of our work goes beyond the visual. In fact, aesthetics is only a small portion of each project. The major effort is focused on clarifying the client’s needs, researching its competitors, and defining a strategic solution.

Design without careful thought or explicit purpose will neither succeed nor resonate with the target audience. First, we must truly understand the audience. We do not design for our client; we design for the client’s audience. Only then will the idea be communicated through compelling visual language.


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