I asked her all about her garden. I love orchids and there in her garden was an orchid. I like gladiolus, and she had them. Now, at home, I spend a good amount of money on flowers and bulbs. Flowers I would have given up or thrown out she was nurturing along with her best plants. She cherished what she had in such a special way. (I wished I had fertilizer to help her very dry sandy soil!) Boy, was Victor patient. It was totally a women’s conversation and he was glad to help. He is a special guy.

We also talked about the ceramics, and I admired the beautiful flowerpots. We learned one was a gift to her husband from someone he worked for. It may have been a trade for work he did on someone's house. Victor was amazed by them. He told me he thought they were very old — and they are just outside all day in the elements.

Victor admiring the other maceta
(flower pot)
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