I asked about her family. Through Victor, I learned she had a daughter about my age who had a few children. Sadly, one day she left, leaving only a note telling Alvertina to sell the children or give them away. But Alvertina kept the boys, raising them on her own.

We moved in to what seemed to be a community room for all families. She told us how her older son taught English and Spanish. She proudly showed us a model boat someone had given her husband. Then a very sick young girl came in; I believe it was her granddaughter, but I’m not sure. She explained to Victor that a number of people in the house were very sick. She and Victor kept using a word I could not understand. Finally, Victor took the dictionary from the son’s translating materials and pointed to "virus." Medicines are very expensive and hospitals are far away, so the reality is that many people in Guatemala get sick and die from things you and I would easily cure with a doctor’s visit and a prescription.

Mother's Day card created by
Alvertina's daughter
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